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Eliminating single-use plastic waste from Canada’s food system

We did it! We gathered over 1,300 signatures petitioning the Government of Canada to strengthen regulations and implement tighter deadlines around the single-use plastic ban.

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What’s not included in Canada’s single-use plastic ban

From May to September, NoSUP Canada petitioned the Government of Canada to improve the single-use plastic ban by strengthening regulations and accelerating the timeline toward zero-plastic waste goals supported by 1,368 signatures. Unfortunately, the first phase of the single-use plastic ban only includes checkout bags, stir sticks, can rings, takeout items, cutlery and straws, representingContinue reading “What’s not included in Canada’s single-use plastic ban”

Phase One of Canada’s Single-Use Plastic Ban: Facts & Alternatives

The first phase of Canada’s Single-Use Plastic Ban includes checkout bags, cutlery, takeout items, plastic aluminum can ring carriers, stir sticks, and straws. However, the six items being banned only account for about 3% of the total amount of plastic waste created in Canada. Nevertheless, this first phase is a step in the right direction,Continue reading “Phase One of Canada’s Single-Use Plastic Ban: Facts & Alternatives”


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Unpack Canada’s Plastic Problem


metrics tons of plastic are disposed of in Canada each year


of the plastic used in Canada is for single-use items


is recycled with the remainder ending up in landfills or polluting land and waterways


is the projected increase of plastic waste over the next decade