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Why not work on increasing recycling rates?

Response from
Karen, NoSUP Canada Founder

Jan 2022

Despite individuals and households being in the good habit of sorting plastic for collection through the blue bin system since 1981, Canada’s recycling rate for plastic waste sits at a meagre 9% of all the plastic we generate and use. So while recycling plays a role in disposing of the plastic we collect, it clearly isn’t the solution to dealing with it all.

That’s why we at NoSUP Canada focus on eliminating the creation of plastic waste in the first instance by cutting out unnecessary plastic – think about those layers upon layers of plastic packaging around your favourite box of cookies – and by reducing the amount of excess packaging – like oversized bags of your chips that seem to be mostly full of air. By reducing the amount of plastic waste we create, we could potentially increase the rate at which we recycle the plastic waste we collect.